Been busy

I’ve been busy lately and havent had much time to put into the coupon finding stuff but I promise i’ll be back soon to get stuff ready for ya.


Fresh out of the box or hardened veteran?

How long have you been saving big bucks at the cash register? Many who come to this blog will be very new to couponing and some may be such veterans they can cut coupons with their eyes closed and both hands tied behind their backs. Lets see where you fit in this area. Answer the poll above and let everyone know just how much money you’ve saved as an extreme couponer. You may leave comments about your answers after you answer the poll!

Extreme Couponers Blog – Mission Statement

I decided to create a blog dedicated to extreme couponing so that others who have picked up this amazing hobby can learn new information, acquire new skills, and help each other out in a safe and friendly environment. Extreme couponing has recently caught a lot of media attention and is a very hot subject. Veterans of couponing have mixed feelings about this. Some are happy to see others save money and live happier lives, while others see the dark side of a dramatic boost in numbers of people who are going after (more often than not) the same items they so desperately need or want. I want this blog to be a sanctuary for those who are looking for help, or willing to help others pad their pocket books while stocking their shelves at home. Stay tuned for up to date couponing information!